Peacekeeper Code of Conduct​

This page describes the Peacekeeper Code of Conduct. Peacekeepers are the administrators of Louloudia.​
In addition to those found in the Community Rulebook, regulations below apply to all Peacekeepers, including Pathfinders.​
The original Chatlands™ Administrator Code of Conduct can be found here.​

Summarized, rephrased, and modified from the original by @lunekif.

Expectations of A Peacekeeper


As a Peacekeeper, you will have access to some information that should only be shared between current Peacekeepers. Discussions relating to any of the following topics are sensitive and confidential. Any information found in the areas below should not be shared with anyone who is not a part of the current Peacekeeping team.​
  1. All topics in the Spirit Realm of Land of Louloudia’s private forum, including sub-categories:
  2. Any conversations that take place in the Peacekeeper Discussions channels on the Land of Louloudia Discord server, including, but not limited to:
    • #loulounge
    • #deliberation
    • #development
    • #lore
    • #discord
    • #spamfilter
    • Any other team-related channels created in the future.
  3. Any conversations that take place privately between Peacekeepers via private message in our chat, personal DMs, or private meetings.
In addition to the above areas, any sensitive information including member e-mails, IPs, age, date of registration, etc., are not to be discussed nor given to anyone that is not a Peacekeeper or moderator. It is extremely important to remember that you agree to protect confidential information even after your membership on the team ends. Revealing confidential information may lead to a Chatlands ban and possible inclusion on the Chatlands-Wide Restricted List. This rule applies to past, current, and future moderators.​

Sharing Ban Information Publicly

Peacekeepers (or “Betas”) are able to share specific information regarding bans or removals if anyone were to ask, but are under no obligation to share:​
  • The confirmation of a ban. (Yes this person was banned or no they were not.)
  • The length of a ban.
  • The reason for a ban.
Pathfinders (or “Alphas”) are able to share specific information regarding bans or removals if anyone were to ask, but are under no obligation to share:​
  • The confirmation of a ban. (Yes this person was banned or no they were not.)
  • The length of a ban.
  • The alleged reason for a ban. (Without proof, or the confirmed reason if approved by UD.)
  • Proof of a ban or the evidence used that resulted in a ban on Louloudia only.
As an owner, only @lunekif may share (if inclined to do so):​
  • The confirmation of a ban. (Yes this person was banned or no they were not.)
  • The length of a ban.
  • The reason for a ban.
  • Proof of a ban or the evidence used that resulted in a ban.
  • Any ban lengths issued by other Chatlands sites.
If for any reason you feel uncomfortable discussing a ban with another member, please don’t hesitate to say so. You are under no obligation to adhere to sharing the information of a ban for any reason, and are encouraged to refer the member requesting the material to contact a Pathfinder or fill out a Report.​


As a Peacekeeper, you represent the Land of Louloudia as well as Chatlands. Your role is to uphold all community rules and regulations while ensuring a positive, safe, and respectful environment for everyone. It is important to remember that as a Peacekeeper you will be held to a higher standard and that any rule violations can lead to serious repercussions, such as a removal from our team as well as our community and Chatlands in general, depending on the severity.​
As a professional Peacekeeper, you are expected to:​
  • Always be sober while on duty.
  • Treat everyone with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • Remain calm under pressure and ask for help when necessary.
  • Never use derogatory slurs or offensive language, even as jokes among friends.
  • Refrain from talk of drugs except in relation to constructive, educational, or medical conversation. (Although our rules are more lenient in this case and we allow educational or casual conversations regarding substances such as alcohol or marijuana from our members, refraining from this kind of talk as a Peacekeeper is a part of the Code of Conduct that we must follow.)

Professional Etiquette​

While we are trying to foster a more lax environment, I do ask and highly encourage all Peacekeepers to propose themselves in a mature, refined way when posting in response to any community matters. Proper grammar and use of punctuation is ideal to ensure a more respectable appearance, which helps us to retain a professional atmosphere. This would apply to our chat, forum, and Discord server but only necessary during community issues.​
I do not expect perfection, but I do expect at the very least:​
  • Capitalization when referring to yourself or another person
    • i didn’t know that → I didn’t know that
    • chirashi is great! → Chirashi is great!
    • if chirashi breaks a rule, ill have to intervene → if Chirashi breaks a rule, I’ll have to intervene
  • Proper use of punctuation (commas and apostrophes)
    • maybe wed better not. → maybe we’d better not.
    • its okay → it’s okay
    • i dont think thats a good idea. → Idon’t think that’s a good idea.
While I understand that typing in a chat can and should be seen as a lax thing most of the time, please do your best to conduct yourselves in a dignified way whenever making official moderator posts or replies so that we can maintain a sense of professionalism.​

Staff Activity & Approachability​

Placeholder text.​

Cooperation with Other Chatlands Sites​

All Chatlands site owners have the option to join the Chatlands Guardian Forum and Discord server, which is a community of Chatlands moderators (of the rank “Alpha” (Pathfinder) and above) who work together collectively to ensure all Chatlands-wide rules are upheld and enforced. To clarify, @lunekif is currently a part of the Discord server and has access to the Guardian Forum.​
As a part of Chatlands, every moderator and owner is expected to fully cooperate with the Guardians, providing information whenever requested. Owners are expected to demote any members that are ineligible for their rank and are expected to remove any inappropriate artwork that may be in violation of the Code of Conduct or a breach of fair usage permissions.​
Out of respect for other Chatlands sites, slanderous remarks about other moderators or attempts to humiliate other Chatlands sites are not allowed and may result in disciplinary action.​
If ever we are to advertise for Peacekeeping applications on another Chatlands site’s forum, we must first ensure that we have permission to do so, as it may be considered discourteous otherwise. In relation to that, we should always be polite and courteous when advertising for Louloudia on other Chatlands sites or Discord servers.​
In cooperation with other Chatlands sites, as Peacekeepers, we must not:​
  • Encourage the leaving of another Chatlands site for the sole reason of joining ours.
  • Break the rules of other Chatlands sites while visiting them.
  • Disrespect, criticize, or slander moderators of other Chatlands sites.

Room Limitation (20/20) When Moderating​

Please only join areas of the chat when there is an open space to do so. The only exception to this rule is if a problem has arisen in a full area (20/20) and you feel that circumstances call for immediate entry. If the issue has been resolved and the area is still full, please leave the area until an empty space has opened.​
Peacekeepers have the ability to remove members from public areas but must take care to respect regulations and not abuse this privilege. Kicking a member from an area should only take place when they are causing trouble or are idle in full areas. Public areas are open to anyone and cannot be reserved by a Peacekeeper.​

Changing Your Login Name​

Please ask a Pathfinder before changing your login name. They will likely approve any changes and request that you to make a small topic or announcement somewhere to let our community know. This is simply to ensure our members continue to recognize our team, which should keep everyone comfortable and familiar with all of us.​

Problem Solving & Resolution

Impartially Enforcing Our Rules​

As stated above, you are expected to follow the same Community Rules that are set in place for the safety and comfort of our community. Peacekeepers must also remain unbiased, and act in accordance with these regulations regardless of personal relationships with any members. Should a Peacekeeper neglect to take action when a rule violation is committed by a friend, the Peacekeeper will need to be held responsible. Likewise, if a Peacekeeper oversteps their authority during a disagreement or takes advantage of the abilities given to them, the Peacekeeper will need to face repercussions.​
Consequences of disregarding this policy may result in loss of rank, as well as other possible ramifications depending on the severity of the incident. If ever you feel as though you can’t make a proper decision due to your relationship with another member, seeking the assistance of another Peacekeeper will help to provide a fair resolution.​


Within a community there should always be a strong bond of trust between those who guide (Peacekeepers) and those who make up that particular community (our members). Members should feel and trust that they can approach us for help whenever necessary, and we should do whatever is in our power to accommodate them as quickly as possible. Members will likely look up to us and whether we behave appropriately. We must always use our best judgment when moderating, and never abuse or take advantage of such a privilege. This establishes that trust and further develops the positive relationship we hope to have with our members. It is essential to remember that they are the very basis of our community — we want them to recognize us as responsible, trustworthy, and receptive at all times.​
As a Peacekeeper, we must never:​
  • Discriminate based on personal sentiments towards another.
  • Publicly favor a particular point of view in a dispute.
In the event that personal emotions interfere with your ability to effectively manage a situation, please seek out another Peacekeeper to assist you.​
Trust is also a major component of successful team dynamics. Having faith in your colleagues to pick up tasks and provide assistance when needed can help to reduce stress levels and workload anxiety that are often associated with moderating a community. If we all strive to assist one another, this difficulty can be prevented or significantly reduced.​

Warnings & Removals​

On Louloudia, we tolerate certain debates, heated conversations, and disputes. Before taking any action whatsoever, we must observe and decide whether any of our Community Rules are truly being broken. If this is the case, we must remind our members of the regulations we have in place. Kicking or banning is not to be done lightly and we do not follow the same procedures as Wolfhome or other Chatlands sites. Extreme care should be taken to closely observe, attempt to reduce tension, and reconcile differences of those involved before thinking about any kind of forceful removal.​
Unfortunately, some instances will call for swift action. Despite our relaxed atmosphere, it is important to remind our members that regulations are in place for our community’s sake and that repercussions do occur when they are not followed. If members continue to be unresponsive to you or do not acknowledge your attempts to mediate, consider restating your initial message as a polite reminder, preferably publicly. Only after they disregard your second or third notice and if the situation is substantial enough can you remove them from the conversation. While keeping our rules in your mind, please use your best judgment when deciding to kick or remove someone. Please remember that the team is available via Discord to provide guidance and counsel whenever necessary, and you may reach out at any time (even during altercations) to receive feedback.​

Reports & Write-Ups​

Please ensure that all bans, kicks, warnings, and reminders are documented in the Warnings & Removals section of the Spirit Realm in a timely fashion. Immediately after an altercation or situation occurs is ideal — waiting a day or two is not appropriate. This procedure keeps our staff well-informed about any incidents and cognizant of those who may be causing disruptions to our community so that we are all kept up to date.​

Requesting Log Checks​

To ensure an effective use of log check requests, please reserve them for when genuinely necessary. If possible, always request logs of the original member who made the report to obtain evidence of the situation. In certain scenarios, log checks are not needed and smaller disagreements can be settled without them. In the instance where this is not feasible, however, requests for log checks should be made in the Warnings & Removals section of the Spirit Realm when writing your initial report. If any major rule violation such as death threats, hacking threats, fraud, stalking, or the solicitation of sex from minors is suspected, please ping a Pathfinder in Discord to bring it to their attention directly.​

Technicalities of This Document​

Your Agreement as an Administrator of a Chatlands Site​

Administrators of any rank on any Chatlands site must read, understand, and agree to adhere to this Code of Conduct. Accepting the position of Peacekeeper implies your agreement to abide by these rules. Any failure to comply with them will lead to disciplinary measures such as loss of rank and/or a removal from Chatlands.​
The decision of William Underwood (Underdog) or the appointed Guardians over whether to allow someone to serve as a Chatlands administrator of any chat is of their sole discretion and is non-negotiable.

Updates To This Page​

Please note that these rules will be updated as needed. They are to be posted on the Administrator Forum for each Chatlands chat site. It is the responsibility for every administrator to read these rules periodically to make sure that they are remembered. It is also the responsibility of the Site Owner to ensure their staff is up to date with this page at all times. If you have any questions, please contact your site Alpha (Pathfinder), your Site Owner (@lunekif), or any of the appointed Guardians.​
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