December 9, 2021

In relation to the recent discussions regarding Chatlands and Wolfhome, we hope to continue providing a neutral safe space for everyone. While planning to stay here with us, we encourage you to revisit our rulebook. In particular, it may be beneficial to review our rule on disrespecting others. (Discrimination, harassment, threats, bullying, instigating, and disrespectful behavior are not tolerated here. Terms or phrases that are abusive in a racial, ethnic, sexually explicit, defamatory way or that are invasive in a sense of personal privacy or publicity rights are absolutely unacceptable. Be mindful, courteous, and respectful at all times.) We would also like to issue a reminder to everyone that casual conversations regarding controversial subjects are permitted unless anyone becomes uncomfortable. We ask that subjects be respectfully changed if requested.

We want to thank everyone that has been visiting with us recently and reiterate that we appreciate all of our members’ patience when it comes to the relaunching of Louloudia. While our forum is currently up and open, it is still in its beta stages. You are welcome to register and participate in topics, but please know that there are many things that will be receiving changes and modifications, along with various bugs or coding mistakes that you may encounter when browsing.

As always, you are welcome to approach us with any questions or concerns.

Louloudia’s Peacekeepers