Rules & Information

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Keeping the peace as a community

We believe in a place that leads and takes care of itself. Members are expected to keep the areas of Louloudia calm, peaceful, and friendly of their own accord. Peacekeepers are not meant to be seen as disciplinary administrators, but as literal keepers of the peace. These volunteers do their best to aid you whenever possible, but as a community, you are ultimately responsible for the way it is upheld and maintained.

Purpose of a Peacekeeper

As with most places, you are expected to abide by certain guidelines to ensure the comfort and safety of our members. Our Peacekeepers are trusted to enforce these guidelines by issuing reminders, warnings, or removals from our community. Our current team is listed here.

How we warn & why we ban

Although our rules are lenient, certain violations are inexcusable. When a member of Louloudia has been harassed, bullied, or otherwise discriminated against, our Peacekeepers will immediately investigate the situation and act accordingly. Warnings, bans, or removals from our community can take place directly, through private messaging, or through e-mail. Per our Terms of Service, we may terminate your access to all or any part of the service at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice.

∴ Rules

Disrespecting others

We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, threats, bullying, instigating, or treating others negatively. While we do allow the use of certain “colorful” language, you are expected to remain respectful at all times. We reserve the right to remove content or to interrupt altercations depending on the context of the situation. 

Certain terms and phrases can be harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit, defamatory, infringing, invasive of personal privacy or publicity rights, or in a reasonable person’s view, objectionable. Be mindful and courteous.

Illegal activities

The laws of your country always apply to your behavior on the internet, and our community is no exception. Do not do anything on Louloudia that condones, supports, depicts, or recommends illegal activities such as hacking, drugs, illegal substances, fraud, scams, etc.

Age requirement & rating (16+)

You must be at least 16 to use any form of Land of Louloudia. All shared content must be appropriate for members of this age. Our setting is “mature,” however, this is not the equivalent to “sexual” or “crude.”

Misinterpretation & false accusations

Falsifying serious information about yourself or another’s well-being is a serious and ban-worthy offense. Submitting false reports in an attempt to get another member banned will result in action being taken against your own accounts. In relation to this, we do not condone any kind of vengeful behavior.

Illegal Propositions

Any propositioning of adults or minors is absolutely not tolerated. If an adult is ever found or suspected of grooming a child, or a minor is ever found or suspected to be baiting an adult, all of the accounts in question will be permanently banned from all of Louloudia’s platforms. Local or state-wide authorities relating to the instance in question will also be contacted immediately.

Selling Accounts & Exploitation

Account information should never be sold to anyone, and exploiting system errors for personal gain will result in a removal from our community.