∴ Frequently Asked Questions

∴ Frequently Asked Questions

∴ Subscriptions

Is Land of Louloudia a game?

While it is a desirable goal to make Land of Louloudia into a video game, it is going to take time. As we continue working and developing this idea, Land of Louloudia will remain a simple community that takes place between our graphical chat, forum, and Discord server.

Is Land of Louloudia free to use?

Yes, Land of Louloudia is free to use with the option to purchase a Chatlands subscription for access to additional features on our graphical chat. With Deltas, you are able to choose a subscription level that works for your specific needs.

Do I still need an invitation?

No. We are no longer in a stage where invitations are necessary. You are able to log in to our chat by using your Chatlands account.

What are Deltas and how do I get them?

Deltas are Chatlands currency used to purchase subscriptions. Deltas can also be transferred between members and are sometimes taken in exchange for commission work depending on the artist. You can purchase Deltas by logging in here.

What are the different subscription levels?

Our subscription levels are inherited from Chatlands and cannot be changed by us. Therefore, we have plugged in our various avatar sets to work with what is currently available.

Subscription levels are Free, Basic, Standard, Preferred, Elite, and Ultimate. You can view our Subscription Chart here, which will show you what chat features are available with each subscription level.

Where do my Deltas go once I purchase a subscription?

Each daily subscription pays for our graphical chat to remain open and accessible to everyone that uses it. We appreciate you helping us keep a part of our sanctuary open and available to those that enjoy it here.

∴ Rule Enforcement

What are Peacekeepers and Muses?

Peacekeepers are our volunteer members that have access to various administrative tools. They enforce our rules by issuing reminders, warnings, or removals from our community. Our Peacekeepers are tasked with protecting our community members to the best of their abilities, as well as being significantly active in our community.

Muses are a group of members that review artwork into the chat and take part in lore creation for Land of Louloudia.

Who is part of the current team?

Currently, Seatheia is the only member of the Peacekeeping team.

Is it possible to become a Peacekeeper or a Muse?

We love hearing that others are interested in joining Louloudia’s team. At this time, we do not have a set way of accepting volunteers, however, please keep a look out for upcoming announcements regarding this subject by joining our community forum and our Discord server.

What are the symbols next to names?

Each symbol and color represents a different rank or group. Our current positions are Member, Muse, and Peacekeeper. Our symbols were created by Seatheia, inspired by original ideas by Alpen.

Members are those that take part in supporting Louloudia by using it regularly.

Muses are members that review artwork into the graphical chat and take part in lore creation.

Peacekeepers are volunteers that enforce rules and answer questions in relation to Louloudia.

Soothsayers are responsible for team management, training, technicalities, website & forum maintenance, and anything else the community requires. They are a member of every team and can be approached for any reason.

How do I report someone?

On Chatlands it is possible to block another member using the Ignore feature. While we do not encourage this as a means of resolution on its own, we do suggest using it when necessary. If this is something you wish to avoid, approaching a Peacekeeper with your concerns is more than welcome. For serious offenses, please do not hesitate to contact a Peacekeeper or Soothsayer.

To report a problem on Louloudia, click the Report button on your chat interface. If a Peacekeeper is available, their name will appear here, followed by their position on the team.

A, Alpha – Soothsayer
B, Beta – Peacekeeper
G, Gamma – Muse
H, Helper – Not currently used on Louloudia.

If a Peacekeeper is not available at the time of the incident or you would like to send a report all at once, please fill out this form with details of your concern. A Peacekeeper will get back to you via e-mail (be sure to fill out the e-mail field and check your e-mail regularly) or private message at their earliest convenience. If a Peacekeeper is not available in chat and there is an urgent situation, you may use the @Peacekeeper feature through our Discord server. 

What if someone on Louloudia is harassing me elsewhere?

While the Peacekeepers of Louloudia respect appropriate boundaries, they are also prepared to protect our members to the best of their abilities. If a member of Louloudia is known to be harassing another member outside of Louloudia, the situation may be brought to the attention of the Peacekeepers, however, everything on Louloudia is handled on a case-by-case basis. The severity of the situation must be taken into consideration, but a Peacekeeper will always try their best to aid you when possible.

∴ Chat Features

What are poses and how do I upload them?

Poses are decorative images that represent you or your character in chat. Once you choose a subscription level that best suits your needs, you will be able to upload custom artwork by visiting Your Reflection on Louloudia’s map, then proceeding to the Uploader. 

What are the guidelines for uploading artwork?

Louloudia’s art guidelines can be found here.

∴ Technicalities 

How do I report a glitch or a system error?

You can file a report using our form here, or by contacting a Peacekeeper directly via chat, Discord, or forum message.

How do I appeal a warning or a ban?

You are welcome to appeal a warning or a ban at any time for any reason. Please feel free to e-mail the Soothsayers directly.