∴ Artistic Guidelines

∴ Artistic Guidelines

On Land of Louloudia, virtually any species or item is acceptable as long as it meets our standards below. Additional items are also allowed, such as household appliances, inanimate objects, mounts, plush animals, stick-figures, etc.

· Uploaded file types must be in .GIF or .PNG format, under the maximum size of 150kb.

· Poses must have a transparent background with a clean outline, free of loose pixels.

· Poses must have suitable shading. We no longer allow flat colored images.

· Poses must be reasonably sized. You can view our flexible size chart here.

· Poses should be appropriately rated. We do not allow vulgarity, nudity, or offensive gore.

· Each pose should have a left and right facing version that will allow you to turn around in chat.

· You are expected to provide specific permission for each pose you upload to the best of your ability.