Winter’s Bounty

Winter’s Bounty occurs during the months of December, January, and February.

Nearing the top of the mountain, you begin to feel a bit chilled. You see a massive shrine ahead of you now, the antlers of an elk standing brave among the howling of a winter’s blizzard that you seem to hear and sense now. There are no creatures to be heard, but you seem to feel large, heavy flakes fall on your head although there is none falling from the sky. You hear bare branches clattering in the wind, each of your breaths are a haze of thick mist in the sub-zero tundra. The sound of snow crunching beneath your feet comes to you, however, you notice no snow is to be seen as you continue up the mountain.

The great elk that brings winter to Louloudia inhabits the months of December, January, and February. The Winter spirit lays to rest Autumn‘s foraging creatures in a deep hibernation. Winter brings with it blizzards, shrieking winds, frozen waters, loneliness, and famine. Although time seems to stop, or at least crawl during Winter’s stay, most of Louloudia’s inhabitants hunker down together, resting and regaining strength in each others’ closeness. It is during this time that many of the creatures find a renewed sense of gratitude for the warmer months of the year while Winter’s bitter cold gives them time to reflect.

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