Summer’s Harvest

Summer’s Harvest occurs during the months of June, July, and August.

After continuing along your narrow pathway, noticing another stony shrine up ahead, the air becomes balmy now, scented with the smells of fresh, ripe berries and melons. The shale of the mountain is unforgiving, rising up in foreboding sheets on either side of you now, yet far off, you hear the sound of waves lapping against a shore, flies and bees buzzing, and what you could only describe as laughter among the woodland creatures of the forest. After approaching the large bear ahead, a great desire to explore and become more mindful washes over you. 

The Summer spirit of Louloudia is most commonly represented by a bear. This spirit brings on the joy, adventure, mindfulness, and freedom associated with the summer months of June, July, and August. Summer may shape-shift, like any other Seasonal Spirit, however they prefer to manifest or appear to Louloudians as a bear. This bear is much larger than most and takes on a golden glow, its fur deeply scented like honey, blooming flowers, and the heat of a summer rain. Summer brings to Louloudia long days and warm nights, while also giving all the creatures new hope, an inkling for adventure, and brings the friends and families of Louloudia a new sense of togetherness.