The Plague of Mavros

Mavros was once a recognized and celebrated spirit of Louloudia, honoring deceased creatures and giving them safe passage into the unknown. He was also responsible for presenting the opportunity for healing to those that have lost loved ones, who are now left to grieve on their own. Creatures of Louloudia are still unsure of the reasoning behind this spirit’s distorted and unusually cryptic behavior, or what drove him to fall out of line with the other spirits. It has been rumored that banishment may likely be the cause…

It is said that Mavros was once exiled from Louloudia by the other spirits, though the reason why has not been officially stated. In the past, Mavros shared the month of October with the spirit Autumn, and they were often celebrated together. Now, every year during this time, Mavros seems to gain enough strength to return and wreak havoc upon the creatures and inhabitants of Louloudia, robbing Autumn of a portion of her seasonal treasures.

The Plague of Mavros occurs during the month of October.

Events of 2017

The Plague of Mavros: BEWARE
The Plague of Mavros: Seeking Peace