The Seasonal Spirits of Louloudia

Because much of Louloudia is inhabited by animals and other forest-beings, the way in which it functions is highly dependent upon the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each season is represented by a shape-shifting spirit that brings bountiful harvest and good tidings, along with elements specific to the time of year.

The spirits of Louloudia are commonly revered as god-like creatures, however, their presence is very real and they appear in many different forms. They are often praised for the changing weather patterns, food and forage, prey, personal health and wellness, clarity and understanding, and many other aspects of daily life. Although the creatures of the forest lack modern industrial technologies, some of the more sentient beings have built shrines and motifs of these Seasonal Spirits as an act of visual gratitude to them and their ways.

As you pick your way along the winding, narrow path of The Arctic Pinnacle, you take note that the air feels calming and warm, even at this altitude. You’ve spent many days climbing these rocky crags, only to realize that your journey has just begun as you near the peak of the mountain. You feel a shift in the air now as you continue along this path, determined and destined to learn more about the secrets and treasures of Louloudia’s past.

Which path will you take?

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