Celebrating Autumn

The Celebration of Autumn occurs during the months of September, October, and November.

Your journey continues. As you make progress along the steady incline of the mountainside, a subtle chill mingles with the humid air. The clouds hang lower here, and all around you the earth smells strongly of fresh rain. Here and there, the soil gives slightly beneath your step. Nature shifts in plain view, wind-torn branches succumb to moss and fallen flowers, forming structures in the grass. Animals forage, collect, and burrow all around you, in sync with this transition. The third stony mass ahead of you is coated partially in moss, leaves framing the foundation. Though the growth implies stillness in the statue, there is very much a lively essence in the being enshrined here. The slender, curved form of a fox gazes toward you with bright, glassy eyes. You feel emboldened, ready for the changes to come.

The Spirit of Autumn most commonly presents themselves as a red fox, quick and adaptive to change. This spirit inspires connectivity with nature, adaptability, willingness to change, and the boldness that is required to ready oneself for the challenge of coming months. Autumn inhabits the land of Louloudia during the months of September, October, and November. With their presence comes a variety of changes throughout the land, changes that are necessary to keep all of the ecosystems in a gentle balance with one another. This spirit is well-known for assisting Louloudia’s inhabitants in the struggle against Mavros.


Events of 2017
The Plague of Mavros: Autumn’s Arrival