About Louloudia

Louloudia is an interactive community surrounding a world built by its members.​ We strive to bring everyone together to form a comfortable, friendly, and supportive community revolving around artwork and creativity. Most of our discussions and interactions take place on our Discord group, which you can gain access to by logging into our forum. While visiting Louloudia, you are able to actively assist in writing its story and making your mark on its history, including lore, species, and its many different environments. Our world is ever-changing and will flourish alongside our community. Please note that Louloudia is intended for members of age 16 years or older. 

The Land of ​Louloudia is a vast, thriving world where delicate plant life and elegant creatures live. Most of its surroundings are green and prosperous, though there are also dark, dismal places that can be found if sought after. Strange types of crystals can be seen growing throughout the different areas of Louloudia, and its fragments are sometimes used as currency between species, whereas others might collect them due to their sparkling, attractive appearance. Bio-luminescent plant life is another common sight, as well as crumbling ruins that seem to resemble myths and old tales from Louloudia’s early history.

It is thought that some form of gods and goddesses once owned and populated this land, abandoning it for unknown reasons. The creatures and beings left behind wait patiently for their land’s restoration, tending and keeping to the surroundings in an attempt to please their lost creators should they ever return.

There have been sightings of peculiar beings that drift through the areas of Louloudia. Not much is currently known of these entities, though they are thought to have gathered the Peacekeepers, who watch over and tend to Louloudia. It is also said that these spirits are responsible for the changing of seasons – a very significant and celebrated transition that occurs every 3 months, during which, special ceremonies have been known to take place.

Louloudia is meant to be a harmonious haven where members can relax and converse with one another tranquilly. The Peacekeepers welcome everyone with open arms, open minds, and open hearts at all times. We believe that our members are responsible for the growth of Louloudia, and it is important that everyone is heard, acknowledged, and understood. We strive to create a strong connection between the developers and community members, as we are all equal and desire the same peaceful environment. We encourage you to join us and share your creative ideas, inspire others, and to make this community your own.


  Muse – Roman, Shanirie, Vreel
This group of members connect with Louloudia artistically and have volunteered to provide our Patrons with specific rewards. They work together closely to breathe life into new species and other unique ideas provided by our community and are often responsible for various artwork seen on Louloudia.

Image  Peacekeeper – Aeolia 
These members are literal keepers of the peace. They ensure the safety of our community, enforce its rules, communicate openly, and provide comfort to the community while always remaining  cordial and approachable. A Peacekeeper may also be referred to as a PK. Peacekeepers have access to the Muse Garden along with the Ceremonial Courtyard, and frequently participate in related activities alongside the Muses and Ceremonials. 

 Overseer – Aletheia, Saeglopur
This team of Peacekeepers are responsible for staff management, technical upkeep, and ensuring open communication between all members of the community while actively expanding on the project itself. They are the original founders and owners of Louloudia and participate in all team areas.

Architect – Owl

When taking a break from their obligations, team members will be marked with the Resting status on the forum, and appear as a regular member, aside from their title, until they are ready to return to their position.